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  • kaboom_stocks_001 kaboom_stocks_001 Jun 18, 2013 8:47 PM Flag


    Warning BEAT Has a Market Cap of 143 Million Dollars Company only has 18 Million Dollars in Cash and the company is losing Millions in fact this company has Loss nearly 100 Million Dollars in the past 3 years as their is NO EARNINGS TO SPEAK OF in fact this company continues to lose money at a alarming rate and needs to raise cash ASAP Other wise NO ONE Can justify the current market cap that the market is curently giving this Overbought Bloated POS Trash

    Time to Sell and Go Short on this Trash and leave these idiots Holding the Bag

    I guess these morons didnt get the memo your spose to Buy LOW and Sell HIGH Idiots

    These BagHolders now are just asking for a Epic Beat Down

    Beyond that this stock NEVER Last long above 5$ a share and its no wonder because the fundamentals simply does not support the stock price being that high 143 Million Dollars for a company that only has 18 Million in Cash and that is Losing MIllion only a total complete moron would take that deal Bloated POS Short this Trash take their cash like taking candy from a baby and leaving them holding the bag

    OverBought POS Pump and Dump Trash

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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