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  • threepointsint threepointsint Sep 7, 2013 6:40 PM Flag

    Don't get suckered into this Stock unless you're looking to short it!

    Nothing significant has happened with this company for it to merit these levels. Go back and research the past couple of months. Check the financials then check charts and see what it did on news of earning losses. check the restructuring in the start of august... How many company's do you know with a market cap of this size that can successfully restructure in a month? what a joke... more importantly sit down for a day and watch the bs price action and you tell me if it's being manipulated or not..... lol... just wow... Now after me saying no news has come out in previous messages... 3 different pumpers have mentioned this stock..... touting 14$ price target.... I say those people shouldn't be allow to write anymore because they are playing with your hard earned money... Don't get suckered in.... until after you see a more than called for dip to the 6's otherwise invest your hard earned money but you'd have better luck going to Vegas and putting it all on black!!!! I plan on doubling down my short position on any spikes and will continue to do so until it retraces properly.. Believe me ... I have the time ;) Suggest anyone else who knows how to short does the same......! my .02 and I don't care about anyone else who's going to respond who's long on this.. just remember... bulls and bears make money... pigs get slaughtered.

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    • Man U r an angry dude. You get madder the more it goes up. Did you consider how much a United and possibly other providers could mean in revenue. It's very significant. Also, this CEO took CCS medical from like 80 mill to 600 mill in revenue in his last position. I live local where he was, people know he was a smart dude
      You must be young, I was just as stubborn when I was younger

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      • Look man... i'm Def not angry... I just don't like manipulated plays that hurt people. these guys have not seen these levels in their stock since 09... I'm not saying that the potential they might be able to do something substantial in the future is not present.... i'm saying nothing they have done or reported validates these price levels NOW. Regards what this CEO has done in the past, my case and point is.... no way to restructure the company in a month and a week with this kinda market cap and #$%$ financials that would merit up in price on double earnings loser with ZERO serious news other than hype... you're clearly going long and love the milking going on... but in reality you wanna see cancer company actually doing something and having their stock shoot through the roof because of ACTUAL PROGRESS and not wishful thinking? look at a company like $SGEN. (I don't hold a position in $SGEN) check financials also... but none the less at least its legit with serious backing with serious partnerships with big company's..... BEAT is a joke right now until they do something worth mentioning... which isn't now....... so I hope you're at least smart enough to know when to take profits because these levels its at now will not last.... do some research look what its done in the past then tell me what side of the fence you will stay on....

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    • Its a gold they are just starting to mine it, you might need to talk to your doctor about one of their devices when the price keeps rising, your heart will skip a beat....

    • true indeeeed!

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