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  • jetbpc jetbpc Apr 17, 2011 11:30 AM Flag

    Chariman sold $2.2M worth of stock

    Most on this board evidently, have never worked for a public company where you receive options as part of your compensation package.

    It is apparant that many of these "sells" were options executions, where the options were deep in the money. Otions expire, so if you notice, these transactions happen around expiration week each month. All that is happening is the options are in the money and are executed for the spread in the current price vs. the options strike price. They bank the difference vs. paying the stike price and receiving the stock. Most of these comp packages also have stock awards, so it is not uncommon at all to cash out the options piece of the comp package.


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    • You are correct...once a year I was automatically offered a stock option at a pre determined strike price.

      The employer (mine) set aside a block of shares at said price and if at the settlement date I chose not to participate (pps below strike) the company would automatically shares at market value which is what happened here!!!!

      If things were right I would go to my local "walk in broker", apply for a loan, take possession of shares, sell and repay loan.

      Harris Corporation senior salaried employee compensation package. Life was good....matched IRA 100% to my 10%


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