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  • crfrrtgtbbtbt crfrrtgtbbtbt Jun 15, 2011 4:44 PM Flag

    Paul Foster must know something

    this is his lifes work and he's been selling WNR since the beginning of the year. What does that tell you?

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    • Ya something is very wrong when board members sell shares to pay TAXES. It's anmost UNAMERICAN for a rich person to pay taxes. Aliens don't so why should law abidding citizens pay TAXES.

      Get a life man.!!!! Too much research involved to get the answer to the question.????

    • Sometimes these insiders and people really in the know are selling because they know of small outfits that are ready to soar.

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        The link has the entire eplanation of sales. The story was too long to post.

        Western Refining's Paul Foster sells $13M in shares
        By Vic Kolenc \ El Paso Times
        Posted: 04/21/2011 07:00:05 AM MDT

        Western Refining chairman and founder Paul Foster has sold almost $13 million worth of shares in the El Paso company this year as part of a personal financial plan he initiated in January to sell more than 3 million of his company shares.

        Foster could earn as much as $40 million from other sales of his shares this year if the company's stock remained at Wednesday's price of $18.49 a share.

        Six other Western officers and a board member in recent weeks also sold more than $4 million worth of shares. Most of those sales were for the officers to pay income taxes on shares they gained through their employment agreements.

        Even after the big stock sell-off, Foster remains Western's largest shareholder.

    • That he wants to diversify, that he wanted to buy a second or third home somewhere, maybe he wanted to buy a new yacht or an island somewhere.

      Also have you noticed or you may not even know this, that when options expire, many times instead of putting up the cash to exercise in the money call options on exercise Saturday, they simply exercise options on Saturday and sell on Monday, and make the spread between the strike and the current stock price, just like any other option when they expire.

      Man people sure post crap than have not a clue...

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