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  • jetbpc jetbpc Nov 23, 2011 4:51 PM Flag

    Started a small position today in WNR and TSO.

    Not many shares, just a few hundered of each to start.

    Will start adding more IF WNR can move back up over $12.00.

    IMHO next week, IF the world is still round and intact, the markets could bounce for at least a relief bounce. It could be good for a couple points with each stock.

    It may start Friday as there is no economic news on the agenda (all pushed into today)and it is a short session.

    Then again, europe could be gone by Monday and take the world with them... IF that becomes reality, then it will not matter who has what will it...


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    • I'm surprized to hear that you started buying ALREADY....LOL

      I thought I would cave before you. I know you said your just getting started, point taken, but this could be a dollar lower by Tuesday. You seem to have adjusted you bottom target by a dollar? I still don't like trying to catch a falling knife. On these prolonged drops, with cause, I'd rather wait for that bounce you previously described. Otherwise, I likely would have bought at about $14.50.

      Actually, I'd like to give a tip of the hat to OB (at $10). Then I feel I could make some great money. My take on Call options is that they are still very pricey. I may have to buy the stock again.

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      • I think the bottom of the channel MAY be around 10.50, however being within 5 - 10% of the bottom is fine with me as I too cannot hit it dead on.

        I had to run to a meeting that lasted all morning, so I put in a limit order at $11.50 before I left this morning.

        I still think we may get a little seasonal rally here. I'm not looking for much, just a quick trade, maybe through the next week or so...

        Next week will be interesting for sure.

        GLTA & a HT

    • You are not alone.I also bought some WNR to improve my price average.Today we should have reached bottom and made a triple bottom.First one in August and second one in October

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      • Plus the selling is subsiding and most refiners are forming a rounded bottom. This is a good solid base. It may continue the process bouncing in the range, however when WNR and the refiners decide to break out to the upside, they will move quickly.

        IMHO, I still believe there are plenty of money managers out there looking to buy.

        Should be interesting....


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