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  • fallsway fallsway May 14, 1998 4:31 PM Flag

    down again!

    and it's bringing ME down! I sold about a third
    of my shares at the end of last week, now I wish I
    would of sold all of it now. I think the best thing to
    do is get rid of the rest tomorrow or Mon and forget
    about this loser!! Some of the negative rumors going
    around regarding btim are really getting me concerned.

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    • for today and of late!

    • You have to realize why Asensio keeps putting out
      bad announcements on BTIM. If
      BTIM goes up;
      Asensio and his company will get screwed. If there's a
      rush to cover,
      this stock will do what it did a
      few months ago. $25 - $80 in a few days.

      formed an investment club in October and I am just
      waiting for some good news from
      BTIM before I put out
      a strong buy recommendation. Right now we have 200
      and we will help the squeeze. I spoke with my
      broker and he feels Asensio is covering
      in small
      blocks, knowing BTIM will soon come out on top.

    • .........obviously you weren't there or we would have heard a bunch of AS(S)encio BS.............if there is anyone out there who attended the meeting and would care to elaborate, please do.

    • So don't bother posting at all then. The purpose
      of threads like this one is the exchange of
      information! NOT to claim that you have information that you
      want to keep for yourself. Either you wish to lead
      people to believe that you were there when you were in
      fact not, or simply want to get some perverted
      satisfaction from playing "I know some-thing that youuuu
      I guess petty power games should be expected from a
      low level gov't employee, though...

      Long on

    • Are you a politician? That's how they talk is the
      reason I ask! Or were you not there? If you were there
      the money you spent was tax deductible and the rest
      of us taxpayers will somehow have to make up the
      difference! So the least you could do is share the info with
      us so we get something back for our buck besides
      Tomahawk Missles for a change!!

    • I cannot comment on anything from today's meeting. Again, that is like asking someone for anwsers to a project you worked on, and spent money on.

    • .............If so, any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    • Serious money attending this.

    • I am new here but am impressed with BTIM's
      potential product. I am in the medical field, and think it
      will replace some of the existing therapies. Can
      anybody tell me why the stock is down from a high of ?40?
      per share. It seems that that they had to dilute a
      while back and it suffered from ENMD-esque hype, but am
      I missing anything? Also, a colleague is high on
      NLFD's product; can anyone comment? BTIM appears to
      offer a higher upside given its current market cap...

    • The meeting just started about 15 or 20 minutes
      ago! Give them time to say The Pledge of Allegiance!
      Remember your 2 hours ahead there! I'm sure we'll be
      hearing something in a couple of hours! GO BTIM!!!!!!!

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