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  • Do you *really* think the short interest is still
    huge? Personally, I'll be amazed if it is. Let's be
    conservative and say you shorted at 10--it's not like you're
    doubling your money by shorting it to 5 instead of 6, all
    the while your risk is increasing rapidly as the
    price falls. From the monthly numbers it looks like
    most people shorted at much greater than 10, so the
    rewards for continuing to be short at such a low price
    don't seem to outwiegh the risks.

    A few messages
    ago, mesaone said:
    >All that the shorts have
    done (and are doing) is delaying
    >development of lifesaving medical technologies.

    and in
    another message:
    >he doesn't care about science or
    medicine or doing anything to

    1) It's pretty much a strech to talk about Hextend
    as a "lifesaving medical technology". Why do you
    think they didn't need to do phase I & II? Though it
    may have some benenfit over existing colloids, it is
    so close to what is already out there that it's
    almost a me-too.

    2)The counter argument to "all
    the shorts have done..." is that people who hyped
    BTIM, and it *was* unequivicably hyped, simply wanted
    to take investors for a ride by pumping and dumping
    the stock, thereby making money for themselves and in
    the process, keeping money away from truly deserving
    biotech companies.

    My points are twofold: first,
    the helping socielty argument is just plain
    unfounded. Second, I don't think you'll have the shorts to
    kick around much longer. :)
    (well, ok, that is
    unless the stock price hits unjustified high levels

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    • to actually make a statement about your opinions
      here.. wow!!!
      first of all.. when i say lifesaving
      medical technology i am not specifically referring to
      hextend. i am referring to the fact that by driving the
      price down, the company could be a bit delayed in their
      other products. when i said, lifesaving technology, i
      was also referring to trauma and surgical patients
      who could benefit from the (Yes** dare she say it***
      superior performance ( coagulation) of Hextend over what
      is currently available, and from ringers..ecetera.
      ecetera ecetera... (I am sure show will jump in at any
      moment).. not open for debate, steve... IMO.
      a_1, time
      will tell. your points are pretty much unfounded as
      well.. or, perhaps, just founded in your mind.
      hyping, pumping and dumping... conjecture. people know
      and knew that this was a good company and wanted to
      buy in. it wasn't until the life sucking ,scum
      sucking pigs like asensio who only wan to make money and
      the other Profits of doom... jumped in and decided to
      (yes, here you are right.. ) target a truly deserving
      biotech company.
      I agree,, the shorts are soon to be
      gone. I hope they not only perish, but get caught in
      some magnificent short squeeze.. pain, which will seem
      like a day in the park with the marquis de sade...

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