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  • avi29 avi29 Oct 22, 1999 7:50 AM Flag

    Can Someone Answer This Question?

    My question is: Is Hextend on the market yet? Is
    Abbott marketing it? Has BTIM management given any
    specific guidance as to when they expect revenues to be
    generated, or what they expect revenues to be?

    you in advance.

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    • Abbott began marketing Hextend in July. Their
      official rollout was at the ASA meeting earlier this
      month. There were some sales in the 3rd quarter, but
      mostly Abbott has been giving Hextend away to introduce
      it to medical professionals. Abbott has until the
      end of December to report audited 3rd quarter sales
      figures to BTX. BTX could report the numbers immediately
      but doesn't need to until their first quarterly
      report in 2000.

      No one expects big sales figures
      for this first reporting period. The first telling
      report will be for this quarter's sales. We won't see
      these numbers until sometime between next March and
      next June. Ron Barkin, President has stated that he
      expects sales of $40 million in 2000.

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      • Thank you for your detailed response. Your
        information is much appreciated.

        Let me make sure I
        understand you correctly. You are saying that 4Q 1999 should
        be the breakout quarter, that Abbott has to report
        4Q sales to BTX by the end of 1Q 2000 (March 2000),
        and that BTX has to report the numbers to its
        shareholders in its 1Q 2000 earnings release. Is all of this

        Also, has management given any indication of whether
        Hextend is selling now? If we are currently in the midst
        of what is supposed to be the first "telling"
        quarter, has management or IR given any indication of
        whether the stuff is actually selling yet?

        to ask so many questions. I have been long the stock
        (a decent number of shares) for about 2 years and am
        very thirsty for information. I know that there is
        good potential upside to BTX, but I am concerned that
        the worst-case scenario could be quite bad. If the
        stuff (Hextend) doesn't sell, it doesn't sell, period.
        The stock would drop to 1 or so if Abbott were to
        cancel the agreement or give up on marketing the
        product. Sometimes, even superior products don't sell, for
        a variety of possible reasons.

        Thanks again
        for your input. If you can answer my questions and
        comment on my concerns I would greatly appreciate it. I
        look forward to your response.

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