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  • dontforgetlogin dontforgetlogin Nov 8, 1999 6:07 AM Flag

    News release:

    All ongoing contracts are reported in the 10Qs
    and 10Ks. This particular contract has got a long
    life. Note the following: "CNI plans the initial
    broadcast for October through December of this year with
    multiple air dates later in 2000. In addition, David Sams
    Industries, Inc. (DSI) plans to syndicate the specials on
    other broadcast and cable outlets after they debut on
    the PAX stations."

    ITGR's is reaching an
    audience never before possible. Is it really important
    that they reach their stockholders first? Granted, I'm
    an optimist, but looks like the 4thQ may outshine
    the 3rdQ in revenue for the first time.

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    • you think brokers etc have time to look at a
      corporate website or poke around a 10K/Q ?

      watch the wires

      nothing on the wire no heads up
      no reaction

      management wants to keep this
      company a secret it seems

      if that's their attitude
      then it could be a good sign and then it might not

      • 1 Reply to wattsamatta_u
      • For one thing, it's never been done so it's hard
        to put news like that into perspective. It looks
        like a movement on the move but why put it in the
        hands of a broker? Only 32% of stocks are above their
        200-day moving average. Brokers want to stick with what
        they know.

        The second show is scheduled for Nov
        19/20, we may get something this week or next, with
        perhaps the phrase, 'During the last ITGR broadcast, the
        online store recorded its highest sales ever over a two
        hour period', or something to that effect. That's the
        kind of pr the company does, isn't it? It certainly
        tells us something about the response from the
        audience, about whether they really care.

        brings up another point: The online store concept is
        doubly complex in Integrity's case, since so many
        companies sell ITGR products off THEIR websites. Integrity
        Music is a little like a franchiser. Don't
        underestimate the power of a crowd.

        In the meantime, I
        like the concept that people who visit the website
        will see how dynamic the company is. Anybody can tell
        their broker about a good stock. Don't think they

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