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  • dontforgetlogin dontforgetlogin Feb 12, 2001 3:16 PM Flag

    1/2 million signups in 90 days !!

    How exciting !

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    • You wrote: I doubt if you would like it if I tried to convert you to atheistism.

      Other than the "church being boring", I'd like to know your reasons for not believing in God. I just added yahoo e-mail so you can reply there if you'd like. OK to not reply if you don't want to.

    • Ok.
      But, I think you can understand the feeling of someone that is convinced that there is a Heaven and a Hell. It's like, if there is a way for me to keep someone from going to eternal suffering then I should, even if they don't like it. If there was a way to "hit someone over the head" and save them, then I should. Of course it is a personal decision to accept Jesus as your Savior, so hitting people isn't going to help.

      Just in case you haven't heard. The almost universal belief (with only very minor wording differences) among Christians is...
      Jesus, the Son of God, came to earth and died for our sins on the Cross and was resurrected the third day. All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. Accepting Jesus as your Savior washes your sins away, and you can then be with God now and eternally. One way to do this is by believing as best you know how and praying "Jesus, I know I am a sinner, please forgive all my sins and be my Lord."

      I rarely try to discuss whether this belief is true over the internet anymore. It seems the anonymity of the internet keeps true feeling from being conveyed.

      God Bless

    • <<<Do you mean the next ten buissness days or just the next ten days?>>>

      I'm with Rudy - earnings should be released next week. As I recall, managment mentioned this in the last conference call while discussing the A.G. Edwards shareholder value enhancement initiative. I expected more buying in front of this important and potentially very bullish announcement, but this just goes to show how off-the-radar ITGR is.

    • Rincon, your guess is as good as mine but I would think Integrity could net as much $1 per CD sold (when taking into account the added publishing royalties on all these songs).So this could mean several million dollars profit on this collection before the series runs its course. But honestly, it's just a guess.And dont forget, we have the WOW 2001 coming up as well this year! RUDY

    • Rudy, do you know how the Time Life deal is structured, or do you have a guess? I'm trying to estimate the financial impact based on the data in the press release. I assume ITGR receives some percentage after all costs (production, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, etc.). Thanks.

    • Dont know for sure but I got the impression that we should hear something during third week of Feb.But that is not written in stone. RUDY

    • <<<Well, the Time-Life news was pretty awesome.>>>

      No kidding!<G> Time Life Music is a great partner - the marketing plan and budget is impressive, and the results so far are fantastic.

      <<<I look for the Company to make a buyback offer at some premium to current market and then AGGRESSIVELY (for the first time) go out and tell this compelling story to Wall Street.>>>

      I would be very surprised if they didn't repurchase shares with some of their free cash flow. If they don't, the only reason I can think of would be that they may be planning an acquisition. I hope this isn't the case. We'll see soon.

      <<<You may notice on their last press release,ITGR has just hired RJ Falkner to handle financial PR.>>>

      Thanks for pointing this out. I originally read the press release on Yahoo, which deleted the end of the release which mentions R.J. Falkner & Co.

      <<<It feels to me like Coleman + Co. feel that they will be able to deliver big numbers over the next year or two and that they intend to (finally!) do everything they can to get the story out.>>>

      The momentum certainly points to this. I can't believe so many shares have been for sale for so long. Once these sellers are out of the way (a nice Dutch auction would do the trick), this illiquid stock could move up quickly.

    • Let's see: 10 CDs per signup = 5M CDs @ $10 = $50M. Even if Integrity pays the $15M cost of advertising they clear $10M or $2/share.

      There's even a bigger picture, though. I'm in Integrity Direct, the music club: Every month they send me the 2 latest CDs that Integrity/Hosannah! has produced which is not too different from the Time/Life Songs 4 Worship arrangement (only it costs a little more). If you follow me, when the Time/Life offer is complete, the customer is ready for Integrity Direct, the latest in the Praise & Worship genre. Imo, anyone who is interested in 'classic' P&W (Time/Life) is ready to start sampling the latest in P&W (Integrity Direct).


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