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  • channelcat57 channelcat57 Feb 10, 2007 11:40 PM Flag

    is the eps for real?

    only 20 million shares, Junior. Actual rate of earnings has dropped since the beginning of the year.
    common got lied to, raped raw, and the company driven into bankruptcy by the last CEO.
    He was also a major contributor to the Democratic party, and, yes, he is Jewish. So interesting,the news items of Beijing acquiring anti-satellite weapons...bad boy Bernie was central to Chinagate (remember that one?)
    Its hard for me get warm and fuzzy about this round of investor/suckers making 96% after watching $80k of my hard earned go down the hole behind the flat out lies.
    If Bernies fingerprints are still on this co. and my bet would be they are, the Dems owe him big, you can expect investor information to be as transparent as a pile of dog shit.
    yes, the birds are good, yes theres a pipeline, yes they own valuable spectrum. All this was true, but they still went bankrupt thanks to B.S.
    I am not bashing, I am telling you the truth, that you are getting dazzled by the numbers and haven't done your homework. Good luck

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