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  • marking781978 marking781978 Apr 12, 2012 2:43 PM Flag

    close 1.23.87 tomorow 1.65 $

    write in you blanke

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    • Couple of examples to help you out. Dont say I never gave you nothing.


      Dropped Oct 18th off of bad news. Already on a 6 month downtrend.


      ATPG dropped Nov 11th because of bad news of a lawsuit from $10 to $5 in less than 4 days and hasn't been back to $10 since ( but guess what... yep the trend in the price is avergaing itself out now). Havent checked the chart for future outlook but because the trend in the price is ALWAYS averaging itself out (after bad or good news) it's slowly rising back. Probably will see $10 again by the end of this year.

      TVIX (famous huge drop a cpl months on bad news)

      The most popular one this month TVIX exchange trade note. If you don't know about this famous fund EVERYBODY's talking about that folllows the S&P 500, and the huge quick drop it made from a $100 per share, then you don't know the market. That stock was around $100/share about 5 months ago. It's worth $8 today. Because the news went out about the bank not issuing anymore funds on it, they had no supply for the demand. People and companies whine and cried about losing millions of dollars overnight (even had some article on some loser who just bought it at $17 right before the bad news and lost is life savings). Guess what. Yep was on a total downtrend already since September. The news just gave the drop it was already on a huge helping jump down. Like I said when I took a half a sec look at it, it was already falling on a total downtrend for the year. Anybody who bought it in the last 5 months deserved to lose their money. (shrug) They would've lost it anyway going long. Just not that fast.

      Lol. The media kept saying "Stay Away From It!" "It Ruined Peoplels Lives!" weeks ago when I found it. Guess what I did. Used the crapload of common sense God gave me. And bought it $6.35 while the media was still talking bad about it. I'm up $25,000 now. Been in and out at the exact right spots 3 times using the exact same indicator I just schooled you with earlier (I know you can't see it yet. You will). Like I said.. easy money ;) If you know how to use it.

      Pull up any stock that made a sharp bad fall next day or in just a couple days because of bad news and I can show you the same trend. The same for the ones that made a huge jump up off of good news. Don't have time to do your homework on those for you too.

      lol. doh!

    • Ofcourse the news can't be anything permanently ultimate bad... like bankruptcy. The only direction from there is out.

      Class is over for now. Be back next week :)~

    • Yep InTheGameForMoney is closer to the price trend it's on right now.

      The daily chart shows it being overbought at 3.30 p.m yesterday at $1.24 so today was a total down day from there. Plus the weekly chart shows it being overbought for the week at $1.75 since Monday the 9th. So this whole week was on a total downtrend from there.

      Looks like you probably wont get any real rise until after a week or week and a half where it will be getting close to oversold. Shows it on the KDJ overbought oversold indicator.

      If you want a low stock thats oversold right now get in PVA instead. I got in that one this week at $3.95. It's on a dip today but on a rise for the next week

      I can tell what any stock will do in the next min... hour... day...weeks... months or years ahead.

      Charts never lie. Easiest way to make money in trading.

    • Tomorrow will be the time to bail and the closing price will be closer to $1.00 than to $1.20. The volume is going back to its usual low value and so is the stock price. All speculators should be out and into something else.

    • Nice call. I hope you are correct about tomorrow as well....

    • allmost

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