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  • alacarte87 alacarte87 Apr 14, 2012 5:39 PM Flag


    what software or trading platform do you use or recommend? would appreciate some direction, since you seem to have a good grasp on charts.

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    • PVA is rising up yesterday and today near its highest. Just like I said it would Monday. Anybody who got in that stock when I first put it up in my other msgs on here would be at a nice profit right now.

    • yeah
      you better stick with your regular routine

      good luck to you and your charts and stocks ☺

    • The short increase I was talking about was at $1.30

      I just pulled up yahoo's MACD on VALV and that one's showing me a completely different one than

      lol. I'm starting to think I need to dump this one because I'm having too many problems with different charts showing different reads on it. I usually don't touch chinese stocks but this one was showing some good signs at the time I did. But turns out a lot of these websites with chinese stock charts don't have all the right info on them.

    • No problem guys. I got a passion for T/A. Would do it for free if I had to. :D

    • no worries

      thank you for your DD/TA and good luck with your BUY IN today

      your thoughts are very much appreciated

    • Was on the phone when I put that one up. Crazy amnt of typos in it :0/

    • I just bought near close today since it was closing oversold again. There will be another jump in the morning just like I said this morning would be. Plus everythings on the rise right now for this one. The MACD... DIV.... and oversold KDJ indictators. Good spot to be in for the next couple months.

      Once it gets near the DIV line it'll start rising up and down off it's 52 week low numbers. That looks like between end of April to May. I'm in it from here.

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      • I just wanna say the dip we're on now at $1.16 is happening because when I looked at the oversold point last week. It showed an oversold direction but it wasn't totally over. Thats why when I posted my answer last week, I said it would be totally oversold in another week or 2 from there. Anything that happens in between are just small ups and downs towards the total fall or total oversold price.

        My mistake was buying on the small dip up. When I saw an oversold crossover happen Monday, while it was not totally oversold. The worse that would happen would be I get my money back. Because the total 6 month direction right now is up.

        But from here I can see that the price definitely isn't finished it's total oversell direction. Just like I said last week. And that won't happen until atleast another 1 or 2 weeks from last week. Now looking like 1 week from where we're at now.

        Plus the short posistions have rose on this one today from the total dip down from $1.30 this week.

        I did notice the technicals on this one were a little harder to read than other stocks. That's why I'm having to wait to see what the overbought and oversold direction shows once it gets to the zero DIV line. I should know exactly what it will do going off of past yearly direction in the past. But the stock is too new so it doesn't have a past moving average for the year. My mistake getting in a stock too brand new to clearly read. It's only 6 month old.

        Compared to PVA. That has a longer history and a lot clearer moving average to read. That one is doing exactly what I said it would do everyday from last week.

        The guy under this post who said he'd wait till the end of the week after I posted my comment (and even maybe longer) was the smartest one. :o]

    • The oversold crossover I was waiting to see on the chart showed up today after closed. I figured the rise up would happen this week or next. Plus the stock closed in an oversold position at $1.30 at 3.48pm today with more of a rise in the morning. Plus it looks like +3 day tommorow off of +2. Could go up to +4 or +5 (2 more days of a rise). So I'll probably get in it at market open.... as long as it still shows a good enough rise for the day.

      Plus like I said before the yearly chart shows it heading for the zero DIV line and if it shoots through that it will be on a really good rise off of $1.30 sometime in the next week.

      PVA is still a good one too to be in. I'm still in that at $3.95.

    • I just use googles interactive charts.

      One of the best free technical charts out. It's interactive and in realtime. The stock price shown on the chart and in the price ticker are insync with the actual buy and sell times during the market's hours minutes and secs. Everything moves at the actual times of the sales. Technicals too. Doesn't get any better than that.

      You get a realtime shot anywhere from the next sec all the way up to the full life of the stock, even if it was listed over 20 years ago.

      Plus when any good or bad news hits the stock it pops up right on the chart at the exact time it went out. Related news too.

      Hit technicals and settings under the chart to get at all the interative tools like candles, pre and aftermarket prices (all in realtime), and about a dozen other technicals that detect and show the direction, price trend, volume, weakness strengths, oversold and overbought, percentages, bias and averages. Whatever you need.

      I use MACD and KDJ indicators the most with Bollinger Bands.

      Use the zoom to get a better look. If you hit the 1 month shot and roll your mouse of the chart. You can actually see each price the stock was at, at the exact time of the day, plus the volume. Anywhere from hours to years.

      I make sure I check the technicals on the full life of the stock from hours, months, weeks, days up to the full life of it when it was listed. That's why I stay in the green and never lose money. I'm anal as hell when reading it :). If you know all the little things to look for, it'll show you exactly what the stock is gonna do.

      Someone else whined and cried about That has got to be one of the worse charts I have ever seen. It's not interactive or realtime. The charts look like polaroid snap shots from the 80's. Plus the tech tools don't even show half the info that they should. Lol doesn't move, lacks a lot of important info and plus it only shows the price up to 3 years. That's it. Lol. Real lame.

      No wonder a lot of people keep losing money back to back. Somebody whined to be about that site before and I thought it was lame back then.

    • Also do you see a double bottom?

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      • Once the crossover happens showing the price is actually oversold in the next week or 2, then the price will make a nice rise back up. But I won't be able to see the next oversold point until the crossover and the rise happens. Once it starts heading to overbought again I'll be able get a better look to see if the stock will keep rising for the year or make another drop. If it shows it heading for another drop, that would be heading for a double bottom.

        But I can tell you that the total yearly (up to 6 month) direction of the MACD is near the zero DIV line. And if it rises above the DIV on this next rise and stays there, then no the stock will start making it's yearly rise. That's why I posted before about the total direction of the stock being on a rise. It's heading for it.

        It's the in between ups and downs I'm reading. Monthly. Weekly. daily.


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