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  • mrmosebt1 Feb 5, 2013 12:02 AM Flag

    dear slave

    you can start drawing disability in your 40's if you're disabled. you don't have to wait till you're 62 to pre draw. i didn't "lawyer up" because i needed it to pay my surgery stuff. i had insurance. duh. if you found so much glee in working why didn't you ever stay somewhere? i voted for obama because i wanted to "keep my stuff". i took the disability route because i am disabled. your opinion doesn't matter. it is as far off as your loss in the latest natl poll. (election) you and your kind of thought have not won 1 election since 1988. america just won't settle for dumb. not after the theft of y2k, the bills unpaid(you thieves hang together as the old saying goes) and i am really, really glad to be in my shape as well as you seem to be with yours. if you want to work till 70-80, i don't care. i hope you can/do. after contract negotiations since 73 with pcar i learned the value of written words, law, and liars. therefore when they shut us down, "i lawyered up" as you say. you're obviously to stupid to do that or that's your tone. regardless by the time i hit 65, if i live that long, i will have140k drawn in s.s. and 140k in pension. that's chicken feed to lots of folks but not to any who is 65, working 5-6 days a week, like you. keep on makin little ones out of big ones slave. if you want to know what goes on while you're working for peanuts ask me and i'll tell you. need anymore corrections on s.s.? ask and i'll tell you. never mind about pension. you don't get one. never. ever. good luck on your fight with cancer. if i were you i would try to spend as much of my time at work as i could. there's nothing goin on in the free world you would be interested in.. i'll take your place in the reward line. you haven't earned it yet. obviously. have you thought about your class d coverage when you hit medicare? you will need to. do you unde3rstand the formulary of acceptable meds and non, and the ability to question if they drop your meds and you need them? you will understand it or get plowed under. you see slave, you don't know what you don't know. you're going to be a happy camper with obamacare to help you with your coverage later. frankly you are the kind of kook who doesn't deserve it. but you get it anyway. because of me. you're welcome stupid! somebody has to hekp you backwards running repugnunts. don't worry about the cancer coming back. obama has you there too. "you're covered dummy". thats f.y.i. again slave, are you greedy, stupid, or sad? get out and let a young guy work who needs the money..........pig............ ta ta. hahahahahaha

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    • Time to call a cease fire,Mose. There isn't anywhere else to go with this except to say we disagree on just about everything. However, I do enjoy getting an old coot like you all riled up, and I will probably be yanking your chain again in the future.

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      • mrmosebt1 Feb 5, 2013 8:10 PM Flag

        slave, i don't reckon you and i disagreeing will cause the earth to explode. and i am very fortunate to reach "coot" status. i never thought i would.. i respect your rights. and i wish you well in your future. definetly get yourself up to speed on the medicare class "d" section. no kiddin about that. if you already know, good for you. from an old coot to an older coot, pay no attn to rickey rat. he isn't an employee and never has been. he has been caught in more lies than richard nixon. you have integrity and grit. rickey 's just a little wind trying to blow hard. he's obviously no money manager. if i can retire on my measley income your future is sunny if your health holds out. just like me. i haven't decided whether to pull your tail again or not. the good news is i don't have to know now:) be safe. good luck and good health to you slave. you will like it when you get free of the massa...............i think.

      • Slavoy and others, please don't tease this guy any further! IMHO he has become just a pathetic little angry troll on this Board. He owns no PCAR stock, is drunk on UAW Kool Aid, held the lowest level position in a PCAR plant for 38 yrs (mat'l handling), was never allowed to even turn a wrench, nearly lives in poverty on a measly pension, can't comprehend the concept of "split adjusted stock value," struggles in trying to string even two sentences together, and is consumed with hate for a CEO/companyh who made a most excellent mgmt decison in parting with him... Learn from my mistake in trying to educate this guy for 7 years on this Board. Put him on IGNORE, PLEASE!!!

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