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  • harrisongroup2003 harrisongroup2003 Mar 26, 2013 3:08 AM Flag

    Medical Records from Peterbilt Madison

    I am filing for my disability with social security now. Trying to find out what happened to all our records at the Madison Plant. Anyone know who to contact. Will be signing up for my pension in June, hope I get my insurance back, too. Thanks for your help.

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    • mrmosebt1 Mar 26, 2013 2:47 PM Flag

      "your" medical records are what is of importance. you will need a legal team and a medical team who has been treating your disability. "disability" means "you" not pcar. plan on as much as a 2 yr. wait. the wheels of justice move slowly. but they do move. your legal team can and will advise you on what they need to represent you. i used binder and binder. call them. tell your medical situation. if they can win they will take your case. they don't get paid if they don't win which means if they don't think they will win they won't invest the time. good luck. do not go it alone. "lawyer up".

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      • The attitude these days is to use "disability" as a source of additional income. My neighbor filed for it and got it, could not find a job for 2 years. Everyone thinks it is just free money, why not get it and millions of people and getting it. That is why our country is rapidly going beyond the point of no return financially. We will forever be broke, broke, broke, borrowing .$46 of every dollar.

        But, why not file for it like everyone else does? Get what I can for me and the heck with everything else. Heck, I think I will file for it. I can come up with some reason! Get it while you can. Everybody is doing it and the Obama administration is encouraging it to create gov. dependency and vote Democratic. They will give you a long list of give-away programs you qualify for. Why not. Get it while you can.

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      • Already got a lawyer. They need a copy of my records from peterbilt from 94 to 06. I didn't know when they closed down the factory if all the records were threw out or stored somewhere or sent to Bellevue. No one else seems to know either. If someone would have called me & said come get them then I would have. Hopeful they didn't get put in the trash can.

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