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  • rckrymnd rckrymnd Jul 11, 2013 5:56 PM Flag

    PCAR Longs rewarded again!

    Up today 3.74%, up last 12 months 58% with only a forward P/E of 16, we still have room to run... Wonder how that short strategy is working for Fonzo?

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    • big picture. is market at highs? is Europe well? China? Are they priced for perfection? are sales growing? Shrinking.... are there costs to cut ? efficiencies to implement? what if commodities rise? do other oem,s have access capacity? where is the product line? do they know what the money source wants? are decisions being made by the people who know the market? are these people smart enough to change course? why isn't NAV an example of this arrogance? what if NAV survives? who looses? FRTLR or everyone involved? what maintains margins? volume? cost cutting? market share on parts and service? at what cost? blah blah blah... bad course - just sayin.

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      • Same old slanted Fonzo post--talks up the down side & ignores the good. Europe has been bad for years--no place to go but up. China will bounce back--they are in the process of shifting from an export economy to a domestic consumption based economy. Commodities go up then they go down--thats what commodities do. PCAR has best products in the industry--case closed. If they don't know what the money source wants (whatever that means???)-- the money source will stop giving them money. PCAR has one of the best balance sheets around--they certainly don't have to go begging for financing. Finally, if NAV survives no one has to lose--competion is always a healthy thing over the long term.

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