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  • ckirbygo Nov 23, 2010 3:20 PM Flag

    The purpose of this 1 man company

    If some of you havent figured it out, here is what is going on. First off, I dont own any of this stock. This company, which, based on information I have read on this board, is a 1 man operation. The whole purpose I believe of this company is to put together a network on the internet and hopefully get noticed by the bigger guys and get bought out. That is it. No other plans to grow and create much revenue. I dont think you will ever see any employees hired, not much revenues, etc. No, I dont know if it will work, but who knows, he might get lucky. Look at some of these other starter internet companies that get bought out. Companies like this really had no assets, but an idea that was newly created, and 1 of the bigger internet guys didnt want the competition to get to them first before it possibly turned into success.

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