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  • keeperoftheq keeperoftheq Nov 25, 2009 9:24 PM Flag

    Why the rush to authorize shares?


    Under the new Capital Assistance Program (CAP), the government will invest in banks by buying preferred shares with a 9% dividend. This is like the old Capital Purchase Program (used last fall for the first round of recapitalizations), but with one huge twist. Now the bank, AT ITS OPTION, (((can choose to convert the preferred shares into common, at 90% of the average closing share price during the 20 days ending on February 9))) (the day before the new Financial Stability Plan was “announced”).

    An example would probably help here. Let’s say that Bank of America (BAC) needs another $25 billion in capital. The government will give BAC $25 billion in cash, which BAC has to pay back in 7 years (that’s the mandatory conversion date). In the meantime, BAC has to pay 9% interest, or $2.25 billion, per year. But, at any time, BAC can convert any amount of that to common shares, at $5.49 per share. (The average closing price over the 20 days was $6.10.) If it converted $5 billion into common, the government would get about 910 million (5 billion divided by 5.49) common shares, but now BAC only owes the government $20 billion and is paying 9% interest on only $20 billion.

    In short, BAC has just sold the government 910 million shares for $5.49 each.

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