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  • bidwillie2 bidwillie2 Jan 4, 2007 8:25 PM Flag

    Exciting new stock!!!

    Sounds like your all pumped up on this one! Tell me the story on this one. Since Xmas sales sucked maybe the Jan. roll out might look good. Any thoughts? See you are from the other coast. see any talk/hype over there on the spring rollout? Do you see Federated, ect coming on board w/ sknn? in @ $1.60 and holding. Lets talk

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    • I'm in at $1.88 average on 7k shares. The thing that worries me most is a secondary offering of stock that would take the price down like a rock. I'm very hopeful that this could catch on as a fad for even a new concept for shoes in the long term. We need Oprah to do a mention on her show. Good luck to us all. I'm on the Ohio shore of Lake Erie. Go Bucks!

    • postalmanuel Jan 5, 2007 7:58 PM Flag

      I saw this back in November in some trade mag. I looked it up, saw their plan and figured it was worth a few bucks. I anticipate a quick run-up right after the launch. My understanding that they will be sold in high end fashionable stores like Nordstrum and the like. If it soars real quick to a nice high, be ready to jump off all or most of your holdings. It's to early to tell if it will just be a fad or something long term. I've got a target set and if it hits it. I'll sell half of my holdings giving me a nice profit. I'll let the rest ride and see where it takes me. Good luck to all of you!