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  • investornewyorkcity investornewyorkcity Aug 30, 2007 11:52 AM Flag

    Serious Message to basher called "shoogashoat"

    (I'm starting a new post to avoid dignifying yet another ridiculous post.)

    shoogashoat, So you dont think any one of the MANY bashers here has ever "owned" the stock? Not a single share ever for the purpose of daytrading? I find it hard to believe completely disinterested individuals come here just to pour hate on a company they heard were about to have their first Fall launch in September. Nothing better to do during the summer?

    You say "Nothing wrong with venting." Nothing wrong IF you ever had an interest in the company or its product or its stock. You say "they've promised and promised and nothing delivered", but why would that MATTER TO YOU?? You're not buying or selling the stock (allegedly) and you're not buying or selling the product.

    It is OK to vent for a reason but you vent with nearly psychotic outbursts. Seriously, out of the thousands of message boards on the Internet, you just randomly picked SKNN to shout at strangers, scream about a company you dont care about and have no interest in, and just let out some unknown anger inside? And you think there's nothing strange about that??

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