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  • pumpitrightnow pumpitrightnow Oct 10, 2007 6:26 PM Flag

    Bashers are screwing you out of your shares

    It shouldn't take much to think about why the bashers are on this message board. They can't short the stock, so it cannot be for that reason. So, it must be one of the following:

    1) They have no position in the stock but are hoping to buy it cheap. They don't care about the longs. They are fine seeing you screwed so they can get their shares cheaper than you.

    2) They are former shareholders who took a nasty loss and want to see it go down to make their sorry asses feel better about the money they lost. They want to feel better with revenge at your expense. Most of them are evil blood-sucking vermin.

    They aren't here to do you a favor (i.e. to save you from your investments). There are no mother Teresa's on this MB. There is no such thing as a "paid basher", so it's not that either.

    Don't succumb to their bullsh*t. The stock is thinly traded, so it only takes a few guys selling 5K shares or so to drive the price down 10% and then the selling begets more selling. If their horsesh*t makes you nervous, then click the IGNORE button. The fundamentals of the company haven't changed. I plan to hold on and watch the new product developments come in. The stock will snap back when the snowballing fear goes away. If you sold, then odds are you won't get your shares back for what you sold at.

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    • Remember - if you can't take the heat, then put the bash-heads on IGNORE. That will weed out 80% of the posts. If everyone did that, then those retarded low-lifes would leave and free porn sites would end up receiving more browser hits.

    • Back up 15% today -- just like that!

      Longs - don't listen to the bashers. They just want to screw you. Many of you sold because of their farking shorsehit on this MB and now you've got to buy back in a little higher to avoid being out at the bottom. Next time, put them on IGNORE. They are shameless scourge vermin with no conscience or dignity. Avoid and ignore their stupid ass posts before they cost you more money.

    • sheds light on some of the bashers true motives. Pumpit, I agree with most of your points but you are forgetting about the Sept post that SKNN can and is being shorted. Not many brokers will take the orders but as of today SKNN has 594,300 shares short which is 2.6% of the float.

      I continue to stand pat for the long haul. The day traders and "quick pop" guys are sucking wind but I still think 2008 will be good to this company.

    • Correct analysis...BTW these guys really enjoy givin it to u. Could it be Karma.?.?.?.?what goes around comes around...just somethin to tink about...the iggy button works fine too but with these jacka$$e$ it's probably the same poster anyhow?

    • You douchebag!!! You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. This stock sucks right now. Market goes up, and it goes in the toilet. You've been preaching this POS since the highs.

      Fact, this stock is spiralling down. Another fact, you're spiralling down, too.... down to your knees blowin' and guzzlin' away.

      Blind leading the stupid

    • That is a nice post, but it doesn't help sell shoes or raise cash, which is the fundamental problem here at SKINS.

      Right about now, they are probably down to their last 2 months of cash. They need to figure something out soon, before they file, or things will become VERY tight, no matter whose opinion in the company you listen to.

      Frankly, I have a couple stocks that have peaked my interest, similar to watching NASCAR and wating for the big one. This and CXTI are a couple. The only reason I post is to provide a view different than the blind optimism that seemed to be rampant a couple months ago. And, you're posts are always fun to read....