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  • tr2017 tr2017 Oct 1, 2013 10:34 AM Flag

    Notice to the board - I am getting ready to join Buffet and I am probably not alone

    my opinion-
    Now the quarter is over and even when the board does declare, they cannot quickly undo longer-term damage they have now done unnecessarily to Kraft's previous excellent and reliable dividend reputation. They have violated unwritten, yet a long standing established protocol of declaring a quarterly dividend within the quarter. There is no honest, non-self-serving excuse for draining (unwittingly?) a significant level of trust and goodwill from the stockholders by purposefully deviating from history going back 47 quarters, letting the stockholders dangle in the wind while they lazily get their individual and collective acts together. Possibly some of them are sufficiently credentialed to serve as board members but as a group they clearly lack a comprehensive understanding of either the business itself or the psychology side of this, required of truly informed people that should be trusted with managing this iconic brand. I strongly believe J.L Kraft would have fired this group, either weeding them out one by one as needed or dismissing the entire group, replacing them with people that are dedicated.
    Any possible dividend announcement, (even an increase), now followed by a possible quick snapback recovery of the stock price will not undo the longer term damage done by their misreading of the tolerance level of the stockholders. Both next quarter and next year are coming. It takes a long time to build a reputation and a very short time to destroy it. Unfortunately this is an old lesson all individuals understand, however it escapes the collective mindset when committees get in charge and they find ways to deflect responsibility by hiding in numbers. We see this in congress and apparently the same lack of personal responsibility has now crept into the Kraft board. They seem clueless. I am considering no longer viewing Kraft as responsible enough to trust with my money in the future. I am starting to see the logic of Buffet's sale.

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