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  • short_is_good_baboly short_is_good_baboly Jul 21, 2005 1:01 PM Flag


    Let me give my 2 cents opinion.
    1- Timing has become an imortant factor in the market investment. Those who sold their stocks at first day of the market after 9/11 and then bought back the same stocks a week later made huge money.

    2- You had opportunity to sell all or part of your ACTU shares with at least 10% profit but you gambled and you lost. You should have exited at least at your cost.

    3- They say market and stocks don't have memory and every day is a new day. The market does not care how much you have lost or how long you have kept ACTU. You are as new as a person who is buying today and you should look at your situation the same way. Don't let the past interfer with your present decisions. You should look at ACTU today and make evaluation with current situation and tell yourself is ACTU a good buy at current prices and how much potential it has and much you can gain in a fixed period of time. If ACTU can go only to $2.25 then exit at that price and don't wait for getting all your losses back. At least sell part of your holding at reasonable gain and wait for next opportunity to buy them back.