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  • fuzzymathman fuzzymathman Jul 28, 2005 8:10 PM Flag

    Party's over!

    What a day!! Did you see Microstrategy's revenues and earnings today?

    A day after Actuate declared a substantial drop in license revenues ($12.2M last year down to $8.8M this year), generating a paltry $2M in cash, Microstrategy (remember, these two companies were of equal size not too long ago)increased their sales by a whopping 34%, generated nearly $30M in cash, beat the Street by a wide margin and is now 3 times Actuate size!! After hours tell the story.

    Bye bye Actuate. Sad to see you go.

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    • Let's upgrade BIRT1.0 to BIRT2.0 soon. Any ideas?

    • First of all who cares about MSTR business as long as they hehave and don't act like some cry babies. Unfortunately, MSTR managent group which are a bunch of imature kids are barking at other companies. First sued Actuate and lost and then sued Business Object and probably other companies.
      I don't believe in any company which acts this way.
      MSTR has closed its doors to its shareholders and public and once in a while throws a bone to excite them. MSTR may report good now but GOD knows what is hiding behind those numbers. How can a compay leave its investors in dark for good or bad reason. It is dangerous plan since MSTR may pull the plug on its investors and kill them by manipulation like Enron and many other troubled companies.

      Now, Actuate for its current PPS and other facts, has reported much higher than any expectation. And also soon Actuate time will arrive with BIRT initiative. MSTR may not be that lucky when Actuate expands with its open source strategy.