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  • bimmertx bimmertx Mar 11, 2008 2:16 PM Flag

    Extremely bad company

    Totally agree on the sales price. Sun should come in and buy this with a $6/sh offer. They could then add a small amount to close it. It would be a good fit with MySql and an opensource strategy. Oracle may be tied up until the BEA deal is closed and Actuate is a nat to them. Sun would be a good fit.

    If it doesn't happen soon, then no company values Actuate.

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    • Not sure Sun. BIRT, for all the ra-ra brings in nothing unless they can sell an iserver platform. BIRT is freeware. EReports is the big money spinner and thats all Windows, and Sun has paranoia over MS and Windows. Of course, iServer runs on Solaris so maybe that would be a nice bonus. But, nice thought about integrating it with MySQL.