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  • actuhope actuhope Nov 5, 2008 3:00 PM Flag

    Management buyout?

    Anyone think this is an effort for a management buyout on the cheap? What % does managment own after the $60M purchase?

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    • IBM , in my opinion, will not let ORCL buy ACTU that cheap.....ACTU is an IBM Rational Partner....If ORCL , buys ACTU then , ORCL will be the fly on the wall inside IBM......IBM will not let that happen IMHO......& their is added value for BIRT, where trends are going

    • If they own 28% after the auction, provided all the shares were tendered, then they will be in more control of a takeover situation. I still would like to see an offer surface.

    • You bring up a good point. I've always thought private equity or mgmt. would want to do this, but private equity funds are almost non existant and I don't know where they would come up with the money. I don't think Nico has a spare $130m laying around. But if he got a few of his buddies to come in on the deal, it would make sense.

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      • I think the 60 mil, revolving credit card , may be better then Private Equity ......ACTU will pay Wells Fargo , far less.......& ACTU control their deal....I don't think,( in ACTU's case } , Private Equity , could give ACTU the Forward Plan....because , ACTU is making their own path thru the woods..

        So , Private Equity , may have only been good for " money", & Wells Fargo , would be cheaper....If today is an example of how our stock will behave , then , what we have been watching before , was , traders & their games.....ACTU will most likely, stair step the stock up , with new tenders , if shares continue to be hard to get....I like it....IMHO