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  • short_is_good_baboly short_is_good_baboly Apr 3, 2009 11:59 PM Flag

    A closer look at akathemole

    "The tender offer was done to protect and enrich ACTU executives. Wall Street is so corrupt anymore, and the schemes so cleverly complicated that it's impossible to know how these guys are planning to rob the bank. The one thing you can bet on is that in the end they will make millions whether the common shareholder does or does not. Do not be fooled for a second that they need the stock price to skyrocket to make out like bandits under whatever cunning little scheme they are orchestrating. They've been pulling it off all along."

    "It appears as though JANA Partners and J Carlo Cannell dumped their shares in the tender offer. I find that interesting since both are notorious activist investors. Either ACTU didn't like having them around, bought them out and told them to get lost, or they didn't see think they were going to make a worthwhile return on ACTU. Either way I don't think it is a good result for shareholders. JANA and J Carlo would probably not tolerate the officers stuffing their pockets."

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    • I see the share count is down to 40 some million, this is good, less share to divide by, thank about it, there will will be record net income announce end of this month...we almost have to beat the street by far,

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      • <<I see the share count is down to 40 some million>>

        Outstanding Shares are about 45 MM but diluted shares are higher and they are going up higher and higher every quarter. I am not surprised to see them up sharply in near future. Insiders sell even under $3.

        <<there will be record net income announce end of this month. >>

        Wake up and smell the coffee.
        Historically, Q1 is the worst and lowest quarter for ACTU. ACTU already predicted 20% lower license revenue for the year. That means more than 20% lower in Q1. Now add the recent bank consolidation and no spending by financial firms. Tough competition from large and established companies like IBM, MSFT, ORCL and SAP. New expenses like interest payment for the new debt. Not getting interest from the cash ACTU used to have. List goes on.

        Bottom line, I don't know if this company will survive.