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  • jobe1098 jobe1098 Jul 28, 2009 10:09 AM Flag

    Nice Run Up

    I bought yesterday late at 4.55 pre-earnings. I'm out this morning at 4.90, after a one-day 7.5% return. I'll take it. I expected the earnings to be relatively strong. I'm glad to see I was correct. There may be more in the stock as it's at 4.95 as I write. Based on TA, I assumed there'd be resistance around 4.90, hence my order to sell at 4.90. It's taken that out. Now the next leg will be 5/share. On good volume in a decent market, it should breach that level. Beyond that, $5.25 is the upper end for the year. I don't really see it exceeding that, unless we take another run with the techs, an unlikely event the balance of the summer.


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    • The stock is up because of share buyback. On the other hand, they are making it ready for insiders to sell.

      This is just a game for insiders to play. If you can ride the wave, good for you. This is not a compay to buy and hold but trade.

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      • I disagree. I think the stock is up because the earnings/profits are solid. They beat expectations on the earnings side, matched revenue expectations. Guided modestly higher, and mentioned that they're landing their first multi-million $ contrac through the BIRT org. The share buyback is gravy. That said, I hope they do sell off, as I'd like to buy back in at 4.50 or so.