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  • yrubinek yrubinek Dec 1, 2012 2:01 PM Flag

    intermezzo goes DTC.... Zolpimist only 10 selling reps... take $3 M and give back Zolpimist !!!

    Please take a look the following web page

    For some long time I'm saying and writing to you and Davis Caskey ECR Pharmaceutical V.P that a national direct-to-consumer (DTC) promotional campaign, including digital, print and television advertising to support Zolpimist commercialization is a MUST!!!

    I strongly believe Zolpimist could has some big audience even more than Intermezzo … a promotion as described at the above should has taken some long time ago to support Zolpimist commercialization .

    I have no doubt Zolpimist could be $100 + million product BUT first money has to be spent for promotion as described at the above and not has it doing.
    "$29 million program will be primarily executed during the first six months of 2013".

    If HITK does not want to spend the money is needed for Zolpimist DTC than you have to find someone who are willing to buy Zolpimist marketing rights from HITK and further to do the marketing work.

    I haven't see the contract between NVDL and HITK … if HITK willing to sell Zolpimist rights please let me know. I have some people who might be interested to buy Zolpimist right and perhaps put some money into NovaDel to develop more products.

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    • I agree.

    • If you really have a solid offer to purchase zolpimist, I would suggest that you make a real offer in writing, preferably through counsel (it confirms your seriousness). I have no idea whether they are interested in selling it, but given past purchases and sales, they have sold products after purchasing a product.

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      • robinfamily1818
        HITK wants too much money for selling Zolpimist. they does not want to sell Zolpimist.
        Perhaps the new management team with ECR will change things.
        I believe some offers already have been given to HITK but they refused to take them.
        I don't know why, and I don't know theirs plan for the product.
        Perhaps they are waiting to see TSPT direct to consumers campaign results.

        There are more then 10 million American with difficult swallowing. assuming only 3% of them to use Zolpimist what bring you to 300,000 users. if they buy Zolpimist 3 times on annually base that bring you to 900,000 bottels of Zolpimist. with $50 per bottle revenue would be $45 millions.
        The numbers could be much more....withouth a real marketing campaign we wont know.

        I don't see HITK capability to go with such campaign that might cost $20-30 million.
        HITK at least should look for Co-promotion of Zolpimist.

        Perhaps HITK management though it would be much easy BUT how could you reach the attention of 356,000 doctors in the USA?

        While ECR pharmaceutical is focusing selling other products with only 35 reps how could Zolpimist selling increasing? in the first years on every $ income you should spend $0.75 cent.
        ask the people in the industry that know marketing.

    • There is a big market for it and more insurance companies are now covering the
      cost of it so what is the problem other than HITK not promoting it at all?

    • More insurance companies are now covering Zolpimist in full. Over the past 12 months
      many more insurance companies are now covering the full cost of this drug. Just do a
      little research and you will see or ask your own medical insurance company about this.

      Zolpimist must be profitable to HITK othewise they would just stop producing it.
      Maybe not as profitable as some other drugs but still profitable.

      I reject your opinion of a "small market" for this drug.
      Nobody or not many people even know about Zolpimist and that is a problem that
      should be adressed by HITK.

      If you check any medical reviews of Zoplimist you will see that the people who have used
      Zolpimist have given high grades to that drug, that is a fact.