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  • boohoo_its_tankin boohoo_its_tankin Dec 5, 2012 12:53 AM Flag

    Hospital Products

    Just wondering if there are any hospital pharmacists out there. I am one, and we (a 4 hospital group) used to carry HITK brands of Fluticasone and both Trusopt and Cosopt. They were formerly on contact prices through Cardinal..

    Currently we now get Fluticasone from NovaPlus ($17.21/ea), Dorzolamide 2% from Bausch&Lomb ($11.76/ea), and Dorz/timoptic combo from Falcon (23.40/ea).

    Anyone confirm with their facilities?

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    • I can't respond to your request for confirmation, but I like your prices (at least on fluticasone/flonase). At least one poster has said that the flonase price is under $10. I have believed that this is just a quick sale price on left over product, and your post seems to confirm that.

      Can you tell me if the use of unidose products is expanding?

      Thank you for your post.

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      • Robin- I don't understand your question. If you mean unit dose packaging in general, then yeah- that's all we use (actually like 98% of all oral meds). It wouldn't be applicable for the HITK products that we were using since they were the 2 ophthalmics (in 5ml bottles) and the Fluticasone.

        I was really surprised though when the 2 HITK opthalmics were pulled. They were going like water. Also the fluticasone was hot as it is the formulary substitution for flunisolide (Nasalide).

        To be fair there are many other contracts that hospitals are a part of so things may be different elsewhere.

      • Hospitals get LARGE rebates so the prices can be significantly inflated. Under $10 is the price. Did you see that robbery the last 30 min of trading yesterday. Talk about MM's taking your money.

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