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  • robinfamily1818 robinfamily1818 Jan 12, 2013 9:53 PM Flag

    The Flu and this Quarter

    I have already said that this quarter is going to get a bump from the flu season (an unfortunate event for many that we can not be light about). But NY has declared an emergency, and I have read reports of Massachusetts that it is very extreme.

    I think we really might have a very good quarter. And it should spill over into the next as well. After that, we will need something new - maybe the "mystery drug" (although this is a total market of 60 million and I can't believe that we can really capture more than 30, and 15 is more likely and then after many months can this level be reached), maybe the PAR partnership (someone please tell us really what is happening with this). Maybe there is something else coming about. (I will add this, having increased sales to retailers that haven't used hitk products in the past may build connections with these "new" retailers that may act as an outlet for other hitk products).

    But in the interim, we are going to see some nice numbers for this quarter. Jump on if you can - I think you may see a little over 40 in a week or so.

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    • and I stll see nothing that suggests that the flu season has abated. Maybe no one else posting on this board other than the zolpimist posts.

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      • Why does any message about zoplimist bother you so much?

        Zolpimist should be selling as well or close to what Ambien sales are.
        That would mean a lot more revenue for this company.
        The fact that it is not selling as it should be something you should want to know why.
        Zolpimist is safe, it is very effective, it is being covered by many insurance companies, etc.

        You should be asking what the problem is with spending money promoting Zolpimist instead
        of trying to censor other people here who ask perfectly logical and very legitimate questions about Zolpimist.