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  • toppedout2000 toppedout2000 Feb 7, 2013 2:02 PM Flag


    Zollpimist should have 100 million in sales.

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    • Taken from an article about revenue figures for Ambien:

      "Generic Ambien, otherwise known as zolpidem tartrate, rang up a whopping $2.8 billion in US sales in 2011, while the leading brand in the category, 12-year-old Lunesta (eszopiclone), saw $912 million. Generic Ambien CR (zolpidem tartrate ER) took in $671.5 million while branded Ambien CR rang up $142.3 million in revenue last year, according to data from Wolters Kluwer."

      Why does this company refuse to promote Zolpimist in a very aggressive way to try to get the many millions of dollars in revenue that they can generate from it instead of the very pathetic low amount of revenue that they currently get from Zolpimist because they don't advertise it?
      Please explain.

      Look at the revenue that Ambien generates!!!

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      • That information is incorrect. Pharmacies pay about $30 per 1000 for generic Ambien. That would mean about 93 million bottles per year. or 300 tablets for every person in the country If this number was posted by a reliable source they would be using AWP which is artificially set at around $1500 per bottle.

        It even states that Lunesta is #1 in the category and those sales are $912 million

        The big chains (Walgreen, CVS, Walmsrt...) and managed care accounts can make a lot more money selling generic Ambien ,that they pay less than $30 per 1000 tablets, then they can stocking and selling Zolpimist. It's a great item but their is no interest from the consumer, the retailer. or the insurance companies.

        Personally, I take generic Ambien. I get a script for $5 co-pay and take the 10mg tablet and break it in half, .08 per dose. It's no bigger the a pin head and works in 10 minutes.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell