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  • robinfamily1818 robinfamily1818 Feb 8, 2013 5:35 PM Flag


    This is the quietest stock I've seen with a decent basis and a nice price.

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    • Get ready to rumble!!!!!

      They are presenting at the RBS conference. They must have been asked at the last second. If we were having bad news next week, I would think they would have found a reason to back out (no reason to have investors focus on them if they are having bad news come out soon). On the other hand, if they are having good news next week, investors are going to be more app to buy in at that time (if they buy in before, and bad news comes out, then they will feel really burned and will bad mouth the company).

      On the other hand, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    • tomorrow or thursday they should announce when they are releasing their quarterly earnings. that may pick things up a little. The sooner the better, and the more time in between the two the better, but I am just guessing.

    • It is still quiet. Its volume is still low. And it has been surprisingly consistent. Since early December, it has traded between 34 and 38, and really has been mostly between 35 - 37 - really consistent. I find it interesting that it has been just under $500 million in market cap - because if it is over, it might attract a few funds attention (they may have rules that permit it only to hold a stock if it is over $500 million in cap) - is the cap wrong? Is it really just over $500 million, and there is support at this level to keep it over $500 million?

      Personally, I think it will stay in this range for a couple of more weeks. They will announce an earnings release date, it will rise into the high 30's, have a little dip the day before the earnings announcement, and then move based upon the earnings announcement (the optimist in me says it will be good, and I had previously said about 76 cents and 62 - 63 million in sales?), and if good move over 40.

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      • And we continue to be very quiet. But I do think we will begin to enter an interesting period as earnings shoud be announced soon. This will instigate speculation. I am on the record for 76 cents, and 62.5 sales, and I an not really moving much. But if they hit those numbers, the sales should be compared to last years sales - 57 or so - considering that flonase sales are likely to be down, this means mostly everything is up nicely, showing that this company may really have a nice base at this time.