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  • sonny_stimple sonny_stimple Sep 30, 2002 9:15 PM Flag



    Another immoral democrat forced to resign.

    The liberals are reduced to futile political maneuvering in an effort to maintain their [appointed] majority in the Senate. Forrester is looking better and better. Even the democrats grow tired of the constant immoral behavior of their 'representatives.' I wonder if anyone in New Jersey believes Torricelli innocent of criminal conduct.

    After this incident, clinton's immoral conduct and his criminal perjury, gore's accepting illegal campaign contributions from the Chinese, it is excellent that the Republicans, led by our President, have restored moral values to the office of President, and the country as a whole.

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    • Given the amount of time you spend posting, even you can't help but be right now and again.

      Besides, what have we agreed on?...
      1. AMZN is a POS that should be shorted.
      2. Torricelli is a POS who should be shot.

      How can anyone fail to agree on both counts?

    • well well well. the leering clown.

      what up bitch?

    • You are too kind to Torriceli.

      He is a crook.
      He is a liar.
      He is thoroughly self-centered.
      He is self-pitying.
      He is loathsome.
      He is vile.
      He whining and act of injured innocence is disgusting to watch.
      He embodies much of what is foul and rotten in politics.
      Because of his complete selfishness he has given the Democrats no hope of retaining the the seat.
      Torricelli is disgusting piece of crap.
      May he rapidly vanish into obscurity and be remembered as a throughly corrupt politician.

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