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  • distresturbed distresturbed Sep 12, 2005 5:55 PM Flag

    Took Profit at $44.50

    Reality is a $15 Amazon stock. Everyone has bought all the books they need, has a DVD library and can't rent movies there anyway. Money goes for gas, food, medical costs/insurance, and shelter. Are any of these being sold at AMZN?

    The past two weeks are a Muslim plot through their wholly owned subsidiaries Citibank and Legg Mason to piss off the higher IQ shorts and lull the less educated and aware sheeple such as yourself into a false sense that all is OK. The pissed off shorts are only able to cause minor havoc through their grumbling although one or two may do something newsworthy. If they all communicated and got organized they would make a statement in Saudi or Iran. Unfortunately their funds have been sucked away by the original conspirators.

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    • "Money goes for gas, food, medical costs/insurance, and shelter. Are any of these being sold at AMZN?"

      Food available at

      Coffee & Tea
      # Colombian, Hawaiian
      # Ground, Whole Bean
      # Black Tea, Green Tea
      # Herbal Tea, White Tea
      All Coffee & Tea

      # Chocolate Assortments
      # Milk Chocolate, Fudge
      # Dark Chocolate
      # Sugar-Free Chocolate
      All Chocolate

      # Fruit, Coffee & Tea
      # Candy & Chocolate
      # Towers, Tins & Jars
      # Baskets, Samplers

      All Gifts

      Seafood & Caviar
      # Lobster, Fresh Fish
      # Dried & Smoked Seafood
      # Caviars & Roes
      # Shrimp & Prawns
      All Seafood & Caviar

      Gourmet Cheese
      # By Milk Type, By Name
      # By Region, Smoked Cheese
      # Artisan Cheese, Cheddar
      # French, Italian, Swiss
      All Gourmet Cheese

      Meat, Game & P�t�s
      # Beef, Pork, Poultry
      # Dried & Cured Meat
      # Game & Exotic Meat
      # P�t�s, Veal, Lamb

      All Meat, Game & P�t�

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      • Feel free to try and live a month on AMZN food with a family of four and a $400 budget.

        Fish eggs, jars of fat, mouldy clotted curds, and caffeine are things you give to older relatives when you covet their estate.

        Maybe the beef jerky is fine if you don't mind a half dozen mutagens/carcinogens contained therin.

        As to the stock, can you say blow off top? LA not buying Columbian online for several hours today.

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