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  • booyababy2 booyababy2 Oct 25, 2008 9:58 PM Flag

    Buy Now - Going to 100 in Jan

    Love the stock at this price - love the company - love the business model. What's not to Love?

    Bought a Kindle a few months ago. Better invention than the ipod! Everyone I meet that is a reader wants one when they see how it works. Had my 78 year old mother-in-law over two weeks ago and downloaded her a book. She absolutely loves the kindle. She's able to increase the font to make the words her size. Its getting harder to read small print paperbacks. The kindle solves her problem.

    This device will be "the" device to own. This Xmas could be a little dicy because of the economic media induced hystery but by next Xmas this device will sell more units than Apples ipod.

    God I love this company!! Did I tell you how much I love the future of

    I'm going to buy 200 shares on Monday for my Roth IRA. A short squeeze is coming and I want to ride the wave higher.

    Good luck to all you shorts - your going to need it!

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    • More idiot retail investors that don't do their DD.

      Look at a 5 year chart. People always buy into this idea that AMZN will kick ass at Christmas; then January rolls around and they don't. And the stock drops. Look at the past 5 years, there it is.

      And that's not even considering the tailspinning economy.

      This company is no longer a "growth" stock. It's 2008. It is what is; like, an e-tail turd.

    • I'll see your 200 shares and raise you 200 more on Monday. This stock is a long-term buy and hold.

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      • It is better for the market captains that you sell. How else will be get your shares.

        AMZN, GOOG, BIDU, RIMM, VMW are the shares that we use to beat the market.

        Please DO NOT BUY. Please SELL. We will create the downticks for you. We will also provide a market for your shares and shorts as we scare the shit out of you into selling.

        Beware that if you short you will be covered at much much higher prices in a market melt-up, if discipline amongst our cabal breaks down.

    • I agree. Great buy at this level.

    • Were's the growth, your buying a company that just said their earnings are going to be much lower than expected. Kindle will not save them because no one is buying much of anything this Christmas.

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      • Wrong Wrong Wrong!

        They are sandbagging in order to beat when they report in January. People will be buying on Amazon this Xmas because they don't want to waste gas money driving around to the malls. Sales may not be up over last year but compared to the major department stores and specialty shops - Amazons numbers are going to look great! In order to stay diversified, mutual funds will want to own the best of breed in retail and those company's are Amazon, Costco. They will sell the rest to own the best. In January the Mutual fund industry will be buying this stock hand over fist.

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