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  • booyababy2 booyababy2 Dec 26, 2008 10:33 PM Flag

    I win - You Lose!

    I don't have any plans to sell anytime soon but if I do, I will post it. As I've said previously, I'm not a trader. I play the longer term trends. If another on-line retailer emerges to challenge Amazon's dominance, I will reconsider.

    You could learn a lot talking to your mailman. There are way too many jerks in the business world and the only way to find out what's happening in the "real" world is to talk to real people. You might learn something.

    So you think my status went from professor like to more like a tow truck driver. You should have more respect for tow truck drivers. Most professors are self obsorbed know-it-all snobs. The life a tow truck driver is much more interesting.

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    • Well, excuse me for being rude

      But I don't get to see a mailman often.

      so I suppose, the information gathered by the mailman, in your opinion, is more accurate than the information people get at business world?

      That's absurd, who talks to mailman, and have a decent conversation? The people that don't have a job / retired, that have all the time in the world. Do you really think that is the "actual" reflection to the society?

      Those people wouldn't know how deep the recession is, those people care very little about the dip sh!t Bezos jacking your LONG'ing AMZN money.

      Same concept applied to Tow Truck drivers.
      I don't know, I just thought of it as . . . . they do not have much to offer, to educate you, to help you see the "realistic" side of the world. Even though you may think the mail man, the truck drivers, have more of the "real" world / real people experience, but quite honestly speaking, how often do you hear these mail man / truck drivers, telling you that their $10 mil 401K became less than $1 mil? How often do you hear, these people that lose million of dollars, over LONG'ing AMZN?

      you don't

      they don't even have that kind of money to invest in the first place.

      yes, they are more "real" people, and they are probably proportionally nicer / more down to earth than business people. But they know very little, about the "REAL" world. Their job, is only at the bottom of the food chain, in business people's eyes.

      You don't even get to choose to have a job, or to have your income, when the business goes down.

      You certainly don't, so save the argument.

      As for your AMZN sentiment, I'd like to say, I admire your bravery, to be a mail man or someone who works at USPS, but no offense, the business people are the ones that created the jobs for you in the first place, respect that, and come to a different perspective about viewing AMZN. It's just a business. No business will last forever, and in business, I always tell my employees, my priorities.

      #1 - profitability for the business (making more money is #1)
      #2 - sustain in the business, keep up the competition, wipe out the competitors, and don't lose the profits


      #3 is to take care of the employees
      #4 is to donate to the world, to the poor
      #5 is my own luxury

      I always tell them that . . . .
      and I truly believe in it . . .
      and AMZN has failed #1, #2, #3, #4, well, his #5 was exercised well . . . . LMAO . . . space shuttle, yacht . . . . you enjoy paying for that for someone else, that's your business.

      I stick to my rule.

      AMZN is absolutely toast, we may see another $60 perhaps before April????? but we definitely not ever going to see $70 again, and we're going to see $20's in the coming year . . ..

      LMAO . . . . all it needs, is another foreclosure wave, Citibank gets crushed to below $4, LOL, they will dump all their debts to Legg Mason, and LM will be completely F***ed, and plus the redemption, plus the BS "Madoff Ponzi Scheme", AMZN will go down with it

      You just wait & watch. Your temporary glory, keeping your mouth full, is short sighted. Long term for AMZN, is possibly $5 to $7 upsides, $30+ down sides

      Good luck

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