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  • im_too_hipp im_too_hipp Feb 7, 2010 4:35 PM Flag

    no wonder CEO pay has gotton to about 300 to 1 of reg workers from 30 to 1

    You have scams where uneven playing fields that Wallstreet pumps to absurd levels,allowing insiders to cash out. It's always a temporary phenomena. It's phony fiancial engineering.

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    • if it can be proven that $1 of taxpayer money went to bid up stocks INDIRECTLY through firms or intitutions, then i forsee trillions in class action lawsuits against the federal government by 'longs' who sold for losses and shorts who were defrauded via taxpayer propping.

      and let me tell you, everyone knows and has knowledge its happening.

      i hope someone in the upper echelon defects or mails a newspaper evidence.

    • this is true, but its more culpable on the part of pension funds, institutions and yes, even taxpayer money buying futures that allows such cashouts.

      all the people/funds that bought stocks at abnormal highs were all bankrupt before illegal bailouts/propping.

      so the government did NOT allow equal justice or equal fairness. They gave the crooks more of the innocents money.

      this time around was particularly cruel and unjust imo.

      as for amazon, its a trading vehicle first, i would hold all shorts at this point, but initiating new ones down $30 in 2 months, no thanks, not yet.

      wait for $125-$126 imo.

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