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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Feb 13, 2011 10:26 AM Flag

    Sales Tax States Should Switch to Income Tax

    or Realty--that would level the playing field, and reduce the burden of taxation on COMMERCE and put it where it belongs, on individual value.

    But NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo--states have to "skim" the pot every transaction like Vegas gambling houses, nitpicking their way to insolvency.

    This is a country of individual responsibility, not transactional drivel.

    You want a level playing field, states should get into taxation of what is inside their borders, people living in that state and people living on property, not the ether waves, not each and every transaction keeping a lid on prosperity.

    No wonder the MidWest is suffering. Learned nothing from the Depression.

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    • Though I don't like it, there are people who earn money outside of reported income. States get some sales taxes from these people. As long as there is sales tax, the field should be level so that Best Buy makes as much when selling a t.v. as AMZN does. States see that discrepancy as hurting business in the state that collect sales taxes from customers. I expect some states to pass laws re: collecting taxes from on-line sales. Many on-line retailers voluntarily collect taxes and the rest may be forced to if they want to do business in the state. Today the talk may be about fulfillment centers, but state legislatures are likely to tax on-line purchases and not just the states in which e-tailers pack and ship orders.

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      • States that tax retailers in the ether, are in restraint of Interstate Commerce. We've laws 100 years old preventing that, that are almost surreal in predicting just this situation.

        Income tax cheats will always be around, that's why property taxes are best for generating income.

        It's hard to hide a footprint on the ground.

    • Texas relies on property taxes (~2.5% of home value). This is one reason homes in Texas will never appreciate. If you work all your life, pay off your house, you still can't afford the property taxes in retirement.

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      • Drivel. Property is down in Texas for the same reason it is down all over the country and 27% are underwater--no doc loans were the rule and derivatives junking all that trashy paper together were sold here and overseas to the gullible by the greedy. The market crashed and here we are.

        And just because you put a roof over your head doesn't guarentee you or grant you the right to make a profit.

        Real estate is still the backbone of the country, private property one of the key reasons we became a country.

        It makes more sense to tax individuals and property than nickel diming every single purchase--and would be far fairer.

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