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  • paldiel paldiel Apr 26, 2011 5:05 PM Flag

    This a Crime in Broad Daylight, Time for a Revolution

    SEC = Worthless POS
    They should free Madoff, at least he admitted his crimes (they are pale compared to the banks and federal reserve) yet the FEDS won't do anything to the real criminals, this is not a free market. High Frequency trade Bots and unlimited dollars with the non stop printing machines allow these stocks to trade at over 90 P/E with no risk at all.

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    • Sorry about your losses, you big whining baby ! You keep ranting every other minute on other forums too. Do you think it will recoup your losses. ?

      Man up, and go long like the rest of us. Be a man, not a whiny little PMS biatch.

    • How much longer do you think the Feds can provide Unemployment Benefits, nothing is free in life. the Feds are taking a gamble on our lives as they print Trillions of Dollars into this casino. How can the Dow keep climbing 100 points every day with this never ending inflation? There is no reason why so few should have so much power in our country, Amazon's stock behavior is just another indication how the rich and powerful can hijack an entire financial system. If we had a real fair and transparent market Amazon would be down 40 points.

    • by the way..paldiel..its your city..NY...the most corrupt city in the are part of it.

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      • Amazon: Some data won't be recovered after cloud outage
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        Post mortem wait
        By Cade Metz in San Francisco • Get more from this author

        Posted in Cloud, 26th April 2011 20:47 GMT
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        Amazon says that about 0.07 per cent of the EBS storage volumes in the East Region of its infrastructure cloud are not "fully recoverable" following the extended outage that hit the service last Thursday.

        The company has yet to fully explain the cause of the outage, but it still plans to publish a "post mortem" on the incident. "We are digging deeply into the root causes of this event," the company says in a post to its Amazon Web Services status dashboard.

        <-- -->
        In the early hours Pacific time on Thursday, Amazon said on its status page that it was investigating connectivity issues with its EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) service, which provides on-demand access to processing power via the web. The outage brought down many websites that run atop the service, including Quora, Sencha, Reddit, and FourSquare. According to one of the brief status messages from Amazon, the problem began with a "network effect" that caused the service to re-mirror a large number of Elastic Block Store volumes in its East Region.

        Amazon divides its "infrastructure cloud" into multiple geographic regions, and it guarantees 99.95 per cent availability within each region. Some regions – including the East Region, served up from Northern Virginia – are divided into multiple "availability zones". Amazon has always said that these zones are "insulated" from each other's failures, but the East Region outage spread across multiple zones.

        On Sunday, the company said that a "majority" of affected EBS volumes had been restored, but that it needed more time to restore data for some customers. But on Monday, it announced that some volumes would not be restored. "We have completed our remaining recovery efforts and though we've recovered nearly all of the stuck volumes, we've determined that a small number of volumes (0.07% of the volumes in our US-East Region) will not be fully recoverable," the company said.

        It is in the process of contacting these customers.

        For many – including Thorsten von Eicken, CTO of RightScale, an EC2 management service, and the employees of Scalr, an open source platform similar to RightScale – one of the chief problem is that Amazon has so far provided so little information about the outage. We await the post mortem with bated breath. Amazon has never said how its "availability zones" are designed. ®

      • My City sucks, I am moving out. I am not a part of it, if I was, I wouldn't be venting on this board.

    • i agree with you...we are just frustrated..i just don't trust the system..thats y we (I and family) have never 'voted' in life. we don't think the guys in NY or DC will fight for us..but like you said we need to fight for ourselves...just like the crooks..they are fighting for themselves...i jsut can't wait to see the system collapse...we need it.
      by the way..i have no position in AMZN..but I will short it first thing in the morning...long term.

    • All zombie $ucked brain pumpers are clue less here=proven

      rome did not burn in a day

      massive riots in usa late 2011

      leap puts on fraud street .....use the weapon

      front run criminal fraud street terrorist

    • The longs are making lots of money and executing a solid horse laugh in your face.

    • All this big talk from so many on these message boards.

      "Time for Revolt" LOL
      Cant tell you how many times i've heard that in the past 2 years.

      You want change? to bad, you will sit there and take what you are given. What are you going to do? type some anger onto your screen? LMAO

      You dont like the fraud and the corruption and the rape of the middle class? To bad, there is nothing you can do about it.

      So just go ahead and do what the rest of the dumbed down middle class is doing and go flip channels from one dumb game to the next while your country is taken from you.

      Thats what you deserve. Thats what all the lazy do nothing idiots deserve and thats what they will get.

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      • Keep talking s* *t
        Prices keep climbing higher and higher each year, Soon the masses will not be able to afford gas, heat, shelter and food. It might take a few more years but we are headed in that direction. When that happens your stock, gold, and silver wont be able to save you. The feds will not be able to bail out Wall-Street again, not this time, nobody can deny we are in a massive bubble, when the s* *t hits the fan the first to be hannged will be the hedge fund managers and bank employees.

      • oh btw, AMZN looks like it wants to go much higher.
        Nothing in the way to stop it. Pleanty of printed mo mo to juice this baby.
        Maybe we see 200 pe.

        Now dont cry.

    • So everyone is conspiring against you making you a money loser?
      The Fed is propping up AMZN?

      Make a coherent point.
      The Fed is propping up the US economy, stock and bond market.
      Without them we would see rates at 6% and negative GDP. Also the market would plunge from 12K to 10K.

    • get out of the stock mkt, you don't have the tempermaent for it....besides you have no understanding of business operations and investments....

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