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  • stockchart131 stockchart131 May 16, 2011 11:29 PM Flag

    AMZN trading range tomorrow????

    What is a logical range for tomorrow? It seems like $192 was tough late during the day today. I think after that the next stop is around $186. Which would be about a 10% pullback from the all-time high.

    Can this get down to $166 by options ex on Friday? That would be a pretty big correction (well deserved). Or would $180 pull in enough buyers in to hold it up?

    I think we have a minimum of 1 more day of hard selling could be 2. just curious where the big mont wants it to stop......

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    • those are trades cleared from earlier in the day? no? you see that all the time in AH, especially on big price moves.

    • Let me add this.. I took my time to make that post with no intention of taking a position in this stk.. Just remember you are playing in their sand box!! You can't beat them.. They have the ability to drive it up or down.. But if you can figure out what they are going to do.. You could make you some money.. But here is the hard part.. Usually if you think a stk is over priced, most likely, ole joe feels the same way.. Guess what you and ole joe can't move a stk one ioda.. They can... They could probably drive this stk to $300. if you keep, betting they can't... I suggest yall all look at that AH trading before the figures are removed..

    • One of the most intelligent posts I've ever seen on this board.

    • If I were going to play it either way from here.. I would play it to be up on Fri, from here.. How could this stk have went up the way it has after missing earnings the way it did?? I think its because those hedge funds, for the brokarage houses trade these stks back and forth and drive them to where they can make the most money from joe public. They can trade them back and forth with no trading cost associated with their trading.. They may very well know where they are going to close it at every day, and they could already know where it will close at on Fri! Now, as dumb as I am.. If I would have known they were going to drive it down about $10., yesterday.. I could have made money on it.. But I have come to the conclusion they drive these stks up and down depending on how joe public is betting it will go.. If joe bets its going down they will drive it higher and visa versa.. And if you doubt that they don't trade these stks back and forth between them.. Look at AH trading.. I just glanced over them.. Usually this stk will trade in a $3. to $4. range about everyday.. So its a good bet, that after it had dropped $5. yesterday, ole joe, started betting it would rebound some... But if you will look at AH trading yesterday.. You can see where those manipulators settled up for the day.. As they kept driving it down.. Some of them had a settlement cost of about $195.40 for the day.. If you look, you can very well see where they settled up in AH at that cost.. And you can bet any of those trades you see that is rounded out to 1/100th of a penny, is them settling up.. What I don't understand is how they are allowed to send that stk thru, at like $3. above what poor ole joe can get for any he is trying to sell.. But you can see where it was trading at like $192.13, they settle up at $195.+, then it goes back to trading at $192.13...

    • josephstack May 16, 2011 11:34 PM Flag

      $190 open, close to $180-182. Wed, $179 open, close to $174. Bounce to $180 Thursday. Options wash-out to $170 Friday.

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