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  • dondougie dondougie Jul 26, 2011 7:07 PM Flag

    2% profit margins and makes .40 cents in quarter and stock trades $229 a share WHAT A SCAM

    Every business owner should have their companies go public- it is just amazing how the powers that be can manipulate stocks. if this was a private company with exact same balance sheet and earnings this stock would be priced a $30- to $50 maximum. it is just amazing to what prices public companies can command; especially when every major broker's were long the stock coming into earnings. I guess that amzn would be at $1000 a share if they made a good margin like say 8 to 10% profit margin like most good companies.

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    • AMZN will have to earn it eventually there is not one stock in the history of the market that has ever not had to earn their market cap. Not one, not ever. AMZN is no different. Just keep the powder dry for the right moment in time.

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      • up a lot of cash to ride out this storm. EPS will matter again in 2012 when Scamazon is forced to pay present and past tax liabilities from the Fed, CA, TX, etc....

        All this BS about new distribution centers to satisfy demands is just smoke n mirror to delay judgment day. EPS and profit margin have been on the decline, and will continue to be under pressure to fluff-up revenue. These accounting gains from lowered tax rate, currency exchange, and sale of investments will be harder to replicate with future quarters.

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