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  • incognitusfn2 incognitusfn2 Sep 20, 2011 9:46 AM Flag

    See that google wallet on the news?

    Guess whose tablet won't have it?

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    • NFC is just an example of a technology that won'r tun in AMZN's obsolete tablet. There are others, a consequence of it being made using a forked Android 2.1/2.2

      USPS, UPS or facebook getting into e-commerce, is to highlight that AMZN does not have a moat, and indeed, is vulnerable to a host of different companies getting into e-commerce. AMZN sells because it sells cheaper, not because it has a moat. Selling cheaper without a cost advantage is not really sustainable. And AMZN does not have that cost advantage (that's why I mention operating costs/revenues, which are comparable to WMTs).

      Also, once AMZN starts collecting sales tax everywhere, it loses that important, artificial, cost advantage.

    • Right, that's much better than pretending to believe that NFC payments will have anything to do tablets or that the USPS will enter e-retailing.

      It is still completely irrelevant and, again, your posts will have no effect on the stock price but, at least, it is not completely ridiculous.

    • And an Android 2.1 tablet sold at cost, is not going to change that. And apps+music+videos are not gonna change that either.

    • I don't actually bash the PE. I only mention the PE together with the declining earnings. If the PE was 100 but earnings were rising strongly, I'd be afraid of it.

      But the PE is 120 and earnings are plunging ...

    • Of course they won't line up, what for? Amazon is a internet store, there is nowhere to line up.

      And thanks for mentioning XP, people kept buying it years after Microsoft told tell them to stop.

      Not that that has anything to do with the reasons why the Amazon tablet will sell, but it was you who mentioned it.

      Anyway, Amazon is not releasing a 2.1 Android tablet, it will be releasing an Amazon Kindle 5.0 tablet. Not the same thing at all.

      On the other hand, it might be a failure, if they are more people like you who are waiting for a 7" tablet they can carry all the time to make payments, then the kindle table might, just might, fail.

      Again, stick to the P/E bashing as even millions of kindle tablets may not be enough to justify it.

      Not that your posts will have any effect on the stock price but, after all, we all need a hobby.

    • Yes, right, because people all line up to buy Windows XP PCs, so they will naturally all line up to buy AMZN's 2.1 Android tablet.

    • I can't believe it! I was so anxiously waiting to carry a 10" tablet in my pocket to make payments with and now this.

      What's is Jeff thinking!

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