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  • thuddite thuddite Feb 25, 2012 11:05 AM Flag

    Is it just me?

    Or, when shopping on-line, are you finding Amazon getting price-spanked as often as not? Didn't used to be this way.

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      you're anything but cool robb

    • Hey schmuck...I'm outside the Kodak theatre right now and in 10 mins will be inside for the A.A's so I'll have to be brief with you obtuse self.

      Nothing to what? Sherlock? That Bezos is a crook and should be in jail? That you can only leverage a product or company formso long before it KODAK! That consumer's won't be. More later a&&heaf

    • 66 years old and yup shop poor pathetic old man.

      Actually, your paucity is really no surprise cheese face, especially after your fellow lazy a&&, parasitic, indigent, illiterate citizens of Wisconsin bankrupted the state with their collective bargaining demands.

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      • WTF is that guy's problem? Just a weirdo I suppose... There's plenty benefit to buying @ AMZN... Even though I cancelled my Prime account only days ago and demanded pro rata refund on the membership which is now in my bank- because most things on AMZN are actually MORE EXPENSIVE than elsewhere online. Amazon is a good 1 stop shop mega site for the savvy, stupid, lazy, busy, frugal, infirmed, remote, and on and on. I buy online to save money, time, gas, driving headache, and I like having whatever I want sent right to my doorstep by some drone I don't ever have to look at anytime *I want*. Amazon is still very valuable to me... I read the reviews, find the "best deals" and most popular items... And then find everything cheaper elsewhere. Amazon is my showroom for the internet, same as Best Buy is Amazon's showroom.

        I imagine Amazon could very well be here for the next 100 years... And it definitely is very useful... But the stock is a pure joke and it's seems to be run by utter morons. But since it's there to stay for a good while, I will certainly exploit it for every last thing I can, and would be stupid not to.

      • I see that your proximity to New Jersey has affected your manners. What a nice young man. Have you got your own place yet?

        At least I don't have to drive as far as you to see the Eagles get beat.

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