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  • whatdidido1970 whatdidido1970 Jul 26, 2012 7:03 PM Flag

    well 30 pros have targets from 220 to 400 so this is the bottom

    end of the price target range.The bashers can say all they want but why do the 30 pros that cover the stock have price targets from the low 220 to the high 400??? I mean they are the pros so if amzn is crap and overvalued blah blah blah then why is the low target 220 and the high 400??Stop fighting the will lose.

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    • "they are the pros"

      same pro's who had a $175 PT on MCP when it was at $60.

      There you go, follow the "pro's"

    • Those "pros" had NFLX targets for $350-$370, CMG targets of $500, FSLR targets of $300+.....

    • Tis all a game. They will snatch it back tomorrow or Monday on the excuse that GDP numbers were bad, which they will be. Or maybe, the central bank will say they overstated when they said they will do everything in their power to hold the euro together. The rally today was funny, The european central bank said it would do its job and the market rally's. Picking stocks is easy. Simply think which way will this thing have to move for the institutions to make money, and go that direction. Look at the volume at 1600 then at 1700. The institutions were sucking it up at 205 @ 1600. They will sell it and find another reason to draw it down to buy more then run it back up.

    • The so called pros you talk about fall all over each other on who can come up with the highest price target in bubble stocks.

      The musical chair game almost always ends long before bubble targets are hit.

      AAPL $1500?....Uh ha

    • They have to give it a higher value, that's what they are paid to do. When their clients sell they will recommend getting out. The price will have already dropped 60%.

      They give a range of 400 to seek out the bigger fool.

    • Those price targets by the "pros" were before tonight's earnings report. Let's if they come down in the next few days.

    • Do realize how many "pros" get it wrong? Just look at the last 3 days let alone the last 100 years! CMG, FB, NFLX, ZNGA just in last 3 days! guess how many "pro"s had these names as a sell? I think there were 1 out of 100. Solid batting avg there.

      Just like the "pros" couldn't figure out aapl to the updside they can't figure amzn to the downside.

      Amazon is a LESS EFFICIENT discount intermediary. The "pros" think they are going to be the next apple. The data support my thesis and the "pros" are hoping for theirs.

    • Anyone with a price target north of 200 is anything BUT a pro.

      Low and declining ROIC. Negative cash flow. Dwindling cash buffer. Inventory turns dropping and will fall further as number of regional warehohuses increases (as will capital tied up in inventory).

      Once again, blind pursuit of growth is encouraging more malinvestment and destroying LT shareholder value.

      I will repeat. Not one analyst asked the right question about the impact of collecting sales tax. The CFO skirted it saying they already sell in areas with tax. The right question was "what is the relative productivity/sales intensity for AMZN per dollar of GDP (or other metric to normalize) in areas where you collect tax versus those you do not?"

      Unfortunately, the junior analysts on the call lacked the intellect to think and reformulate probing and incisive questions on the fly. Thus, they are anything but pros...

    • It will be crushed just like CMG, remember their projections iin the $400's, what about NFLX, or FB, say I forgot CRM and GMCR. Stay long. I guess a few hundred times earnings is cheap for you, eh? They are sucking you in my friend.

    • not bashing it at all, but would not touch it here.
      congrats if you up on this, and as you say the irrational pumping by the pros goes on so it probably has room to run. my advice is simply don't be the last one out, because it appears to have a long way to fall when the time comes. Some day it will grow into this valuation but it could take a very long time.

      remember the pros bet housing could not go down.

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