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  • philandjoel1e philandjoel1e Aug 12, 2012 8:56 PM Flag

    The only idiots that think amzn is going up are the spammerz

    Its so high in price and valuation yet it is so hated by all.... Its funny... Sybil has never seen markets like this - ever... In '99 stox were high, very high. But everybody loved them, adored those stox, haaaad to have them.... In 1932 stox were hated, very hated, nnnnoooooooobody wanted a stok in 1932 - they were very low cost then.... But in 2012 stox are both very high AND very hated..... Very unusual world that bernanke created.... Very strange.

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    • "Very unusual world that bernanke created.... Very strange."

      So, it doesn't make ANY sense holding onto your losing position when you don't understand the market now. Why do you think by waiting, you can get out breaking even.

      Bwahahahahaha . . .

    • That's not Benny B. That's the new normal in the HFT trader's market. It's always opposite day. Algos take out human that employ rationality -- it is the pain trade. Works until it doesn't and then it really doesn't. Coming soon enough to a scam stock valuation near you...

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      • Untrue tech.... You can be convincingly dead wrong at times... Its monitary policy thats got us here.... Algo trading just increased the pace of the bs, but the fuel comes from talf, tarp, qe1, qe2, possible qe3, operation twist, and prolonged low interest rates that shall remain in place 'for an extended period of time'.... All of which without we would be trading at 600 off of a 450 bounce - true s&p value, and useless government svcs would already be in the tank.... Its where we are heading at some point - its just bernanke, geitner & co staved it off so the 1%ers could get their sheit in order.... Keep trying tech - you'll get it eventually... In the meantime STOP TRADING SCAM OPTIONS BRO.

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