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  • philandjoelle philandjoelle Aug 29, 2012 5:26 PM Flag

    Christmas is just around the corner

    Anyone shorting AMZN, AAPL or any other retail monster is brain dead

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    • Sybil supposes the same could have been said for fslr, nflx, pcln, gmcr, rimm, gmcr, cmg, wachovia (bk), enron (bk), mci worldcom (bk), the whole dot bomb bust (bk, bk, bk, bk), the whole energy marketing and trading scam (bk), the whole housing collapse (bk, bk, bk), bearsterns (bk), lehman (bk), fannie / freddy (bk), mf global (bk), iceland (bk), greece (bk), alabama muni bonds (bk), select mi, ca, fl, nv tax backed muni bonds (bk), gvt employees (bk / jobless)... On and on for the secular bear of a century or even two, more to come for sure.

      But you are correct that shorts are 'insane' because shorted stox can go to infinity and wipe shorts out, a long of scam stox (assumimg the are cash long and not margin long) can only go to 0.00 .... Hmmmmmm --- it looks like amzn is pretty close to infinity right here.... Sybs will take some chance on the short side of scamazon going into the 'retail shopping season'

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