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  • nasdaq_6000_baby nasdaq_6000_baby Aug 31, 2012 3:13 PM Flag

    Phil is pulling nasdaq_6000's pud while geegee dances a jig

    now I understand Sybs shorting style: short into the 50,100,200 move to the upside and pray for a crash. How does one make money on that as most stocks don't crash, the crash is to the upside against this Sybs. You need to be willing to have huge losses and then pray for that syle. And this guy does on his AMZN shorts: still acts like it's nothing so maybe he's full of it.

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    • No, stupid... Sybs hasnt been short 50, 100, or even 200.... Try 230.... This thing has floundered and diecked around at these levels for so long while you idiots have been jerking off to 2.00 moves that it only seems like sybs been short since 50. Sybil isnt shorting amzn stok persay .... Sybil is shorting amzn pain in that the only buyers here are idiots doing the two step dance of idiots short, cover. Short more, cover more. Short, cover... Sybil is also shorting a high s&p fixing to correct by roughly 200 points.... This piggy is set to get bludgeoned and old sybs will be stuck to it like a cat for the ride down... How tough is that to see? How tough is it to comprehend that sybil is scaling in to the short side of this pig in small amounts relative to sybils arsinal of gun powder and margin at or near 52 weak highs only... When this tanks by 30% sybil wont be a pile on short because sybil will have been short right along riding down and covering BIG quant shorts. Stupid.

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