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  • nemesis_editor_2007 nemesis_editor_2007 Sep 16, 2012 4:45 AM Flag

    Another translation of Techstrategy's Nonsense

    "The wisdom of decisions is based on blah, blah...over time..."

    He must be referring to the fact that at one point in the short term he claims to have made some money shorting stocks but that now the time factor is setting in and he on a trend that will lead over time to his racking up huge losses.

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    • He's actually quite humorous. He's obviously a paper trader as nobody could withstand his losses.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • skiidady: I find techstetegy's posts to be quit honest although somewhat flawed (which makes them honest). I personally find making bad recommendations just as humiliating as if I had actually owned the stock. Its more about ego than money. Tech is a bear. I, on the other hand, am a pig and we all know what happens to pigs.

      • That is where you are wrong. Having been an entrepreneur for a decade, the pain from financial losses is trivial. Ever had to let 75% of your people go? A small business is a family and you care about those who work for you. That's pain. Riding out a short term squeeze on a preposterously valued stock that is at its peak vulnerability despite all the hype, that's not remotely hard.

        Besides, I could lose all my money and start over just fine. I'm very lucky. I went to Kellogg in the late 90's when it was ranked #1. I worked with world class, decent human beings at McKinsey for 4 years and then I spent over a decade trying to build our science based (specifically nano) entreprenuial ecosystem and commercial next Gen technologies with people are doing things that matter and will eventually change the world and rebuild this country through innovation and productivity, rather than financial innovation and trading...

        It has been one helluva tough ride. Even should the market take my money (which isn't happening, but I'd be lying if I said it was impossible for me to lose), it cannot take my knowledge, my experience, nor my relationships. More importantly, I've got an amazing wife and five kids that are what gives meaning to my life, not the few bucks I might make investing in the markets...

        To each his own. Will see soon enough who proves to be right on this one...

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