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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Oct 7, 2012 7:40 AM Flag

    50 down or 30 up, puts are really expensive, whole world looking for major tankage from SCAMAZON!

    They are trying super hard to hold this up.

    Just like the players, the former underwriters for BIDU as well as RENN are trying even harder to keep RENN down, of course it is about to triple next week or the week after, the specialist has been front loading and seriously good news is expected, pr's are a huge deal with RENN becase Master CEO CHEN does not do fluff pr's or #$%$ ones of any kind ever, only serious pr's from CHEN.

    I have mentioned many times why the Kendel will be the biggest mistake and the most gigantic flop Amazon has ever had but here are a few

    The Ipad
    The Google Nexus
    Samsung Tablet back on the market
    The Nook
    The Samsung Galaxy s3 (parents can keep track of kids with a pone, it is a gift to them also)
    The Samsung note 2 the kids can draw on it
    And the Nintendo wii u already selling out everywhere preorder style
    The Ipad mini
    Nice expensive 1000.00 bicycles with gas going higher and higher, and everything worse after Obama wins the election, then he does not have to try anymore, we are talking about a guy that went back on his promise to end tax cuts for the rich immediately, bailed out wall street guys, and rammed a healthcare bill his 1st 2 years when that should have been all about jo#$%$, he deserves to lose for those reasons alone, he wainted till he could not do anything to all the sudden want to do all these things, we could have been building better roads, bridges, how about renovate and build better bathrooms in what has become a 3rd world hell hole because of all the pos illegals popping out 12-14 kids with 6 different daddies that we pay for, then the dog takes back the little maker who moves in with her and lives free and drinks beer all day and abuses the poor girls and picks on the boys, mexican and indians are almost always trash, that is why they ryhme with trash can.

    Does it look like any money is left to buy the kindle that is not even that good and full of advertising, bezos is late to the game and he should have cut a deal for more data for less money or he is going to have a ton of paperweights he can't even sell at cost!

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    • interactivebrokerssucks20soon interactivebrokerssucks20soon Oct 7, 2012 7:59 AM Flag

      Class your right about RENN, the company they were 2 years agow when they launched at 28 are not even close to what they have today.

      1.5 Billion in Cash
      Richest man in the entire country of China now on the RENN board of directors.
      A groupon site better then groupon. Nuomi online TV site that reaches 285 million viewers, good tv they like is very difficult to see in China, An auction site, An Amazon site, A cell phone videogame site geared towards the newest best smartphones, (they even keep 4 out of the top 20 games constantly on the charts. RENN RENN china facebook but better, growing faster, better mobile technology and 35% logging in and starying on by CELL PHONE, this is huge. And perhaps most telling, they have 9 to 29 year old male and female locked up exclusively to RENN with 5 billion more online users to come online within the next 5 years!

      And after the handover and change of power, the largest stimulus China has ever seen to jumpstart it and get it back going as well as the global economy. That is before 2012 or 1st week of it, if the new people in their have to talk about maybe going even bigger the the biggest ever, we are at the end of a 3 year slowdown in China and a 3 year downtrend in China stocks, frankly I am excited when Chen and his Billionaire Bulldog says they will not be happy "until RENN has a 100 Billion market cap minimum" He said his company is so underpriced and overlooked by Wall Street he feels insulted, I happen to agree with him!

      If I told the board how many things I have gone without that I usually blow money on to get more long in Renn then I have any stock in the last 25 years, you would not believe me. I started buying stocks at 12 years old out of newsweek magazine and a fullservice broker, my 1st or second stock was biotechnology group that did not move for years, when it finally did wow.

      I have plenty of money mainly due to the fact I got in Sina and Bidu at just the right times.

      I am very short Amazon, instead of losing premiums and watching puts expire worthless for months till the big fall, I have chose to short Amzn and hold it for as long as I possibly can, if the market goes down as much as I think it could, I might cover 90 or 100, course that is with Amazon really screwing up and not just the market correction doing that.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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